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Being a Team Player

How crucial would you say it is to have the right people on a team? When we think of sports and all of the greats, the beauty of the game came from seeing the entire team operate as a unit. This was always towards one single goal: to come out a winner. When I think of our mental health journey what comes to mind is my belief that we have to build a team around us. This team supports one another as a unit but everyone has a significant role for the other. Not everyone knows the entire playbook for a particular position on a sports team and I feel this is true to life. Not everyone on your support team will know your intimate or vulnerable areas. You would need to go to the person that knows this "play" or area and vice versa. Being a team player requires cooperation and sharing and listening. So build an amazing team around you that sets you up to be a winner.

Author- Sisily Rainey

May 1, 2022

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